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Kitty Spritz Yoni Deodorizer Mist

Kitty Spritz Yoni Deodorizer Mist

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Our Kitty Spritz Vaginal Deodorizer is a life saver!

When suffering from puberty, menstruation, sweat or any kind of hormonal changes it can affect the overall PH balance of the vagina, therefore causing itching, odor & discomfort. Now of course our yoni wash will relieve these problems but while on-the-go our Kitty Spritz is a true necessity! Don't be caught out in public feeling less than fresh down there. Gain your confidence back in knowing that no matter where you are our deodorizing spray will save the day.


*Can be used to aid in postpartum care*



Main Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel, Mix of 5 Essential Oils.

Directions: Shake well and spritz 2-3x about 4 inches from the yoni onto the outer labia & vulva area or directly into the panties as needed for deodorizing.  

Who should use this product? Anyone

Product Size: 4 oz. 


One year after purchase.

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