Disclaimer: Detox

Please be advised that when transitioning from chemically infused products that contain sulfates, phthalates & in some cases formaldehyde over to our natural/cruelty free skincare products you should expect your skin to “purge”. During this time your skin may breakout. This is a normal reaction & means the body is positively responding to your new skincare regimen. Your skin needs to heal so to do that it must expel any toxins, chemicals, etc. Work through the process (usually between 2-8 weeks depending on your skin type) & remember, your skin will thank you!
Products by Supreme Skincare Boutique make no claims to cure nor prevent any skin conditions & products are not intended to substitute professional advice from a doctor or physician. Our products contain natural butters and oils, along with many other natural ingredients derived from the earth with no synthetic ingredients or enhancements from chemicals. If you have allergies please be sure to read the ingredients listed under our products.
*Always perform a patch test before using new products*