The Benefits of our Yoni Soap Bar

The Benefits of our Yoni Soap Bar

Where to begin!? Ok.. I won't lie I was late to the party when it came to the infamous "yoni bar". I think a lot of people, like myself asked "what's the point? I use soap down there, so it's clean" & let me tell you... I was wrong. A yoni bar isn't just soap for "down there". It's more of a mix of soaps, oils and butters often times paired with flowers or herbs of some sort.
Now if you ask me that's way more than just a soap! Need more details? Keep reading.
The main purpose of yoni soap is to have a natural, neutral & nourishing soap that is specific in keeping your yoni healthy. As we all know, all soaps are NOT created equal & some that are made for our yonis in particular STILL harm us, the reason why... chemicals. I think one of the worst things we can do to our yoni is poison her. So do I believe that having a soap specially for her is necessary? 100% YES. Yoni Soap is unlike any other in that it has everything you need to keep your best friend happy & certainly healthy. It does what other soaps, even femeine soaps can't. Every woman should own a yoni soap. Now let's discuss what exactly this soap can do.
  • Balances PH - Our Yoni soap not only cleanses your yoni but helps to balance your PH level to give you a fresh scent all day long.
  • Reduces Odor & Itching - Our Yoni soap keeps it fresh down there so it's less likely that you will sweat, which causes increased odor & itching due to moisture.
  • Fights Bacteria - Our Yoni soap is infused with multiple herbs that naturally contain anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties that fight germs & bacteria which cause BV, Yeast Infections & more.
  • Clears Razor Bumps, Scars & Ingrown Hairs - Our Yoni soap has a crinkle cut end that helps to gently exfoliate the skin & upper pubic area while rubbing in and cleansing the pores with the antibacterial properties within the soap bar. 
  • Lightens Bikini Area - Our Yoni soap if rubbed directly with the textured side onto your yoni will exfoliate & closely wash your bikini area to help throughly cleanse the pores & lighten surrounding skin.
  • Wetter Yoni - Our Yoni soap's special blend of herbs & oils are ultra nourishing, your yoni will be more hydrated than ever!
  • Higher Sex Drive - Our Yoni soap will give your best friend a whole new attitude! You'll see.
  • Shorter Lighter Cycles with Less Bleeding - Our Yoni soap contains a mix of natural herbs & flowers that naturally heal the womb & therefore will result in a lighter, shorter & less painful cycle. If you suffer with irregular cycles, this can also be regulated by balancing the hormones through the womb.
  • No Harsh Smells - Our Yoni soap is only infused with natural essential oils, never smelly & harsh synthetic fragrances that will actually through your PH balance off & cause more odor & irritation than you began with.


Are you curious how one little beautiful bar of soap can do all this!?

It's the natural botanicals & herbs of course! Our Yoni soap is infused with blend of carrier oils that have been soaked in special herbs such as Motherwort, Safflower, Ginger Root, Mulberry, Mugwort, Rose, Lavender & more. All of these beautiful botanicals hold their own benefits and when bought together create an array of benefits perfect for not just your yoni but your body in general.

So, not only is it important to have a special soap for a special yoni, it should be luxurious too! Because after all, we are QUEENS. 

Our Yoni bars are always handmade, unique & a shower time must have.

Your yoni is in for a real sweet treat Queen!

*Consult with your doctor before using if pregnant*

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